Our Successes

The defining quality of any lobbying firm lies not in its size, but in its ability to achieve favorable results. Here are just a few examples of how the Vandervort Group has recently helped clients realize success.

Health Care:

  • A bill that continues and expands authorizations for pharmacists to administer certain immunizations was successfully implemented, due to technical bill-drafting advice, negotiating strategy and in person lobbying of many legislators.

  • The Vandervort Group, along with other interested pharmaceutical companies, created and carried out a successful lobbying strategy relating to meningococcal immunizations, which requires that certain parents ensure the immunization of their children against meningococcal disease.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Law:

  • The marketing of alcoholic beverages in New York is very rigidly controlled by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. The Vandervort Group obtained passage of a bill which allows retailers to conduct tastings in their stores without the presence of the manufacturer. We successfully persuaded legislators and the Executive Branch that informed consumer decisions would lead to enhanced economic development and increased tax revenue.

  • A bill that prohibits the sale of any powdered or crystalline alcoholic product was signed into law due to an intense lobbying effort by The Vandervort Group. Teens that gain access to Palcohol can simply add water to make alcohol. It also has the potential to be snorted, which creates an immense danger to teenagers. This bill would have had a major impact on giving teens access to this dangerous product.

Fire Service:

  • Unfortunately many members of the fire service each year suffer heart attacks while responding to an emergency call or shortly thereafter or they are diagnosed with heart disease as a result of their volunteer service. Exposure to toxic smoke and chemicals that many firefighters have experienced due to the service is presumed to be the cause of these disabilities. The Vandervort Group was successful in lobbying for legislation to be enacted in order for NYS to continue to provide necessary benefits to the members of the volunteer fire service afflicted with heart disease or malfunctions.

  • In addition, many members of the fire service each year are diagnosed with lung disabilities as a result of their volunteer service. The exposure to toxic smoke and chemicals that many firefighters have experienced due to the service is presumed to be the cause of these disabilities. The Vandervort Group helped to enact a law that calls for the continuation of providing necessary benefits to the members of the volunteer fire service afflicted with lung disease.

  • The Vandervort Group worked with officials of the state to pass a law that requires the use of seatbelts by volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance service workers, ensuring they remain safe while acting to save others.

  • It has been demonstrated by both the fire service and public education advocates that smoke alarms saves lives. The Vandervort Group, LLC lobbied to pass a bill that requires smoke detectors in NYS should have an non-replaceable and non-removable battery that lasts 10 years. This minimizes the amount of time batteries need to be changed, thus ensuring a longer battery life for the smoke detector and ultimately a safer home.

  • Under a previous law, fire apparatus were not operating in accordance with the law of the state due to the weight limits on roads that did not allow for heavy vehicles. However, since fire trucks and other response vehicles go above this weight threshold, The Vandervort Group lobbied to have fire trucks and other safety apparatus exempt from the weight restrictions as snow plows are. This bill allows for response teams to respond to safety issues of New York state citizens and remain in accordance with the law.

  • The Vandervort Group successfully lobbied a bill that repeals provisions of law relating to service award programs.


  • The Vandervort Group enacted various provisions relating to procurement procedures and increasing the threshold for the state comptroller’s approval of certain contracts and clarifying the valuation of non-cash contracts by the state comptroller.

  • The Vandervort Group was instrumental in the passage of a bill that requires state agencies to provide unsuccessful bidders with reasons why the winning bid was selected and provide advice or guidance on methods for improving future bids during the debriefing process.


  • ‘Retainage’ is the act of holding a small portion of the payment for a project or delivery is used to ensure that the service being provided of the materials delivered are satisfactory. There is no need to hold payment after a job is done successfully. That is why The Vandervort Group supported a bill that prohibits the retention of any amount of payment due and owing for materials delivered for a public or private construction project.